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UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess

UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess Communications by W. Richard Stevens

UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess Communications

Download UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess Communications

UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess Communications W. Richard Stevens ebook
Format: djvu
ISBN: 0130810819,
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Page: 592

I - The Sockets Networking API 3e (AW, 2003).chm. Stevens - Unix Network Programming - Vol. II - Interprocess Communications 2e (Prentice, 1999).djvu. UNIX Network Programming,Volume 1:The sockets networking API,3rd ed.W.Rich-ard Stevens et al.Addison-Wesley,2003. It covers every aspect of UNIX/Linux interprocess communications in sufficient detail to allow experienced programmers to begin writing useful code immediately. It runs in the same address space, and therefore no inter-process communication mechanism is required, either local (unix pipes,…) or through the network. Разработка сетевых приложений (2003/DjVu/RUS). UNIX Network Programming, Volume 2: Interprocess Communications. Interprocess Communications / Unix. Unix domain sockets are meant to be used for interprocess communication on one host, not for inter host communication. The book also includes a precise description of the basics of network programming that make this one of the best introductory books on UNIX/Linux network programming using sockets. Berkeley DB is embedded into the application that uses it. I have done lots of programs on Unix Network Programming and Inter-Process Communication. Взаимодействие процессов (2003/PDF/RUS) *Stevens W.R. Although covering IPC in a text with "network programming" in the title might seem odd, IPC is often used in networked applications. Sockets that are use on the same host. Network Programming Tutorial Socket connections normally run between two different computers on a LAN or across the Internet, but they can also be used for interprocess communication on a single computer. I like Unix(Linux) operating systems most to program and implement my ideas. For inter-host communication, you need to use network sockets of some kind. The database can be accessed concurrently by several Berkeley DB is distributed as a library with interfaces to several programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Perl, Tcl, Python and PHP.

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